Athletics (Fate Core): The Athletics skill represents your characters general level of physical fitness, whether through training, natural gifts, or genre-specific means (like magic, or genetic alteration). It’s how good you are at moving your body. As such, it is a popular choice for nearly any action-y character. Athletics is also the catch all skill to roll for defense in a physical conflict. (Pg. 98 FC)

Burglary (Fate Core): The Burglary skill covers your characters aptitude for stealing things and getting into places that are off-limits. Requires onsite access and can do simple things. Spoof a Camera or two, Bypassing a lock, pickpocketing, disable alarm systems etc… (Pg. 99 FC)

Contacts (Fate Core): Contacts is the skill of knowing and making connections with people. It presumes proficiency with all means of networking available in the settings. (Pg. 100 FC)

Deceive: Deceive is the skill about lying to and misdirecting people. (Pg. 104 FC)

Drive/Piloting: This skill measures a character’s ability to control and drive any sort of vehicle, from a ground bike to an interstellar freighter. Pilots/Drivers are familiar with the controls of most standard vehicles and can guide the vehicle in stressful situations and straight courses alike. Characters with a high Pilot include chauffeurs, starship pilots, and sailors. (Pg. 106 FC)

Empathy: Empathy involves knowing and being able to spot changes in a person’s mood or bearing. it’s basically the emotional Notice skill. It is also your go to skill for Inititave for mental attacks (Pg. 108 FC)

Engineering (Bulldogs): Engineering is the understand of how machinery and complex technology works, both for purposes of building it and taking it apart. While it’s complemented by an understanding of Academics, Engineering can just as easily be the result of getting your hands dirty and having a natural feel for his things work. Characters with a high Engineering include ship engineers mechanics, and frequently, pilots. (pg. 92. Bulldogs)

Fight: The Fight skill covers all forms of close-quarters combat (in other words, within the same zone), both unarmed and using weapons. For the ranged weapons counterpart, see Shoot. (110 FC)

Gambling (Bulldogs): Some games of chance are pure luck, but a good gambler doesn’t play those. Gambling is the knowledge of how to gamble and, moreover, how ti win when gambling. It also includes knowledge of secondary things like bookmaking. Characters with a high Gambling include amblers, casino owners, and dapper secret agents. (pg. 93 Bulldogs)

Investigate: Investigate is the skill you use to find things out. It’s a counterpart to Notice-whereas Notice revolves around situational alertness and surface observation, Investigate revolves around concentrated effort and in-depth scrutiny. (Pg. 112 FC)

Lore: The Lore skill is about knowledge and education. (Pg. 114 FC)

Medicine: Medicine indicates training in the use of medical technology; knowledge of injury, disease, and anatomy; and general health training. Characters with Medicine can apply high-tech treatments, stop bleeding, and sometimes even revive the dead. When a character has suffered physical stress, or has been poisoned another character may use Medicine to attempt a quick healing in the middle of a fight. Both characters must take a full action to do this. Make a roll against a target of Mediocre (+0); if it succeeds with one shift, the medic may remove the checkmark from the injured character’s first physical stress box. Every two shifts beyond the first improves the effect by one; for example, with five shifts, you can remove the checkmark in the patient’s third stress box. Only one stress box can be cleared per roll. Using Medicine to remove poison requires a Full round action; The target number is equal to the resistance target number. More detailed and complex medical procedures are dealt with by surgery. This requires a full medical setup, with a sterile environment and lots of hightech equipment. Longer Term healing—like removing consequences or narrative surgical procedures—needs a stable environment and a skilled practitioner. A character skilled in Medicine can also improvise cures in a situation where the necessary drugs and equipment are unavailable.(Bulldogs pg. 96)

Notice: The Notice skill involves just that-noticing things. It’s a counterpart to Investigate, representing a character’s overall perception, ability to pick out details at a glance, and other powers of observation. Notice is also used as your go to skill for Physical combat initiative. Usually, when you use Notice, It’s very quick compared to Investigate, so the kinds of details you get from it are more superficial, but you also don’t have to exp[end as much effort to find them. (Pg. 116 FC)

Physique: The Physique skill is a counterpart to Athletics, representing the character’s natural physical aptitudes, such as raw strength and endurance.
Special: The Physique skill gives you additional physical stress or consequence slots.

  1. Average (1), Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box
  2. Good (3), Great (4) gives you a 3-point and 4-point stress box
  3. Superb (5) and above gives you an additional mild consequence slot along with the additional stress boxes. Can only be used for Physical harm. (Pg. 118 FC)
    Special: The Physique skill adds additional damage on physical attacks.
  4. Rank 2, gives you a +1 bonus on damage
  5. Rank 4, gives you a +2 bonus on damage
  6. Rank 6, gives you a +3 bonus on damage

Provoke: Provoke is the skill about getting someone’s dander up and eliciting negative emotional response from them-fear, anger, shame, etc. Opposed by Will
To use provoke, you need some kind of justification. That could come entirely from situation, or because you have an aspect that’s appropriate, or because you’ve created an advantage with another skill (like Rapport or Deceive), or because you’ve assessed your target’s aspects (see Empathy). Requires that your target can feel emotions. (Pg. 120 FC)

Rapport: The Rapport skill is all about making positive connections to people and eliciting positive emotion. It’s the skill of being liked and trusted. (Pg. 121 FC)

Resources: Resources describes your character’s general level of material wealth in the game world and ability to apply it. This might not always reflect cash on hand, gives the different ways you can represent wealth in a particular setting. (pg. 122 FC)

Shoot (Blasters):The counterpart to Fight, Shoot is the skill of using ranged weaponry, either in a conflict or on targets that don’t actively resist your attempts to shoot them (like a bull’s-eye or the broad side of a barn). (Pg. 124 FC)

Stealth: The Stealth skill allows you to avoid detection, both when hiding in place and trying to move about unseen. It pairs well with Burglary skill. (pg. 126 FC)

Survival: Survival is the skill of the outdoorsmen, covering hunting, trapping, tracking, fire building, and a lore of other wilderness skills. characters with a high Survival skill are adept at riding horses, can survive nearly indefinitely by living of the land, and can track a man in the wilderness for days. They include hunters, scouts, and soldiers. (pg. 143 DFRPGYS)

Systems (Bulldogs): Systems gives a character the ability to use the high-tech computer systems that are ubiquitous in the galaxy. These are used to gather or block information, as well as to operate the sensors aboard ships; used this way systems serves as a perception skill. Characters with high systems are technicians, engineers, and hackers. (allowing the player to access systems remotely, take control of computer systems, slice into high end computers, take control of a security system (examples. Decker from Shadowrun, a Modern Day Hacker) (Pg. 103 Bulldogs)

Will: The Will skill represents your character’s general level of mental fortitude, this same way that Physique represents your physical fortitude. (Pg. 127 FC)

Force Skills: Sense, Alter and Control are the skills which may be utilized in order to affect The Force. These skills do not have “default” uses; specific powers must be selected to determine how a particular Force user applies each skill.

Sense: Sense gives one access to channels of understanding not otherwise possible, also gives you access to the Sense based Force Powers

Control:control allows the augmentation of one’s own physical abilities, also gives the Force User access to the Sense based Force Powers

Alter:Alter, the Force user is able to affect persons and objects in sometimes spectacular and mystical ways, also gives the Force User access to the Alter based Force Powers.


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