General Colton Antillies

Four Star Republic General, Comander of Evedor Base


General Colton Antilles was born on Alderaan, into one of the Great Houses. He joined the Imperial Academy at the age of 18, and quickly rose through the ranks until obtaining the rank of Colonial. Antilles and most of his Regiment turned traitor to the Empire joining the Rebellion after the destruction of his beloved planet Alderaan, following the call of Princess Leia.

After the fall of the Empire he continued his duties in the military, making the Military his life and his home as he has no home left to go to, after the forming of the New Republic he was quickly given promotion for his valor and actions during the war.

About four months ago he was offered the position to take over command of Evedor base from its previous commander General Chen Liau Rabenstrange who left the post under unusual circumstances. Antilles has been commanding the base ever since.

Antilles does not really talk about his familial ties, or much about his life before the military. So much about that part of his life is a mystery. Most of the missions he did for the Rebellion are also unknown.

General Colton Antillies

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