Star Wars Special Forces

Session 4

The three Plantets names are Water World: Wasser, Forest World: Lilith, Desert World: Arrakis

Wrexial was staring at Ellistraes Ligthsaber trying to figure out how it works. The group hangs out at the Cantina, until proper time.

As you arrive on Rainer’s Island, you get out of the two Water Taxi’s you took, you waiting for you is a Limo Version of a Land Speeder, with its Driver (bulge under his jacket, obviously armed), and a second obvious security guy standing by the car waiting. You see the first taxi driver go up to them and start to talk to them (basically saying these are the people you were waiting for.)

Wrexial noticed the same vehicle h took a joyride sitting in an alcove to the right of you behind a few trees, in the dark.

The driver comes up to you and introduces himself as Dan Lobban, and the Security Guy never introduces himself, I have been requested to take you up to speak with my master. I assume from what the Taxi driver said you are the ones that spoke with the Port Master earlier today.

The drive itself takes about a half hour from the Doc to the house, the House itself looks like a Large Manner house that might house a minor noblemen (Not an on the take Port master). As you are brought into the house (Notice check to see the heavy security on this place) and taken into a large Study on the shelves are physical books, They ask if you wish some refreshments as the master will be with you shortly. You are made to wait for a good half hour before

Greetings everyone, I am Vick Rainer, we met earlier today, Yes I know I look nothing like him, does this look better. (he hits a button on his wrist and you see his body shift and he looks identical to the port master. He then shifts back into its form.

Sorry about the Subterfuge earlier, but there were ears everywhere, the government here is not as nice as they would like everyone to believe. And you hit on a sour subject just like your bothan friend did, The Rifts you mentioned are the sour subject I was referring people who start asking about them tend to disappear. I decided to trust you because I was a tad intrigued for two reasons as you were asking about the Rifts, as well as you have two jedi with your group, Jedi don’t normally come all this way. Before you ask, I am trained to resist I believe the ability is called Mind Trick.

Some more information on the Rifts themselves and their effects. About two months ago the Rifts themselves started forming, originally in the deeper parts of the system and more recently about a month ago they have formed within the atmosphere of the habital planets, they haven’t done much in the way of physical harm but they seem to have effects on, what we would call Minor Talents, Palm Readers, Fortune Tellers that sort. All of the more Reputable ones about three weeks ago stared to complain about unusual dreams. Everything from sprouting two heads to going on rampages. No two dreams are the same and every time they have them a rift seems to form within a few days of them. No one really paid them any mind until about a week ago when they started to disappear, rumors of government types going to these people’s houses in the middle of the night and the next morning the family’s waking up and finding them gone.

Happily I was able to spirit a few of them away before the government types could get to them. I can ask if they would like to speak with you, they are a little skittish right now, I have my suspicions that they might be a bit force sensitive, but I have no way to know..

I also know that the Government has lost a few ships thanks to these rifts just popping in and out. Only one of them that I know of has returned, the Crews have not been seen or heard from since.

Onto the Bothan, yes I did talk with him, and the answer I gave you earlier about his itinerary was well the partial truth. His fight path did take him to the Desert planet, but his plan was not to land at the main port, his intended destination was far out in the deep desert. And no I have not been able to contact him, as I have tried. He was supposed to contact a factor of mine on the planet, and he never showed up. I am worried he has been captured. As the government does have at least one base in the deep desert that I know of, they might have more. Unfortunately I am not able to leave the planet to check it out, and none of my other contacts is able to or willing to give me tne information..

My Factor is a Merchant he is a Toydarian named Yalu, he is a good factor, but I would not trust him completely. He is a bit more clued in then I am, so he might be able to tell you more as to where they might have taken him.

The group heads towards Arrakis the desert planet to meet up with Yalu in the town of Tombstone, From Vasar the water planet.

on the way towards the desert planet the group narrowly miss a rift forming in front of then, Ariadne sensed the strangeness of the rift in question, it made her feel odd, a corrupted version of the force, which triggered into Ellistrae a story of a third faction of Force users that split off at the same time as the Jedi and Sith did, they had a corrupted view of the force. The rifts are not a natural phenomenon,, Scanning the Rift gets that it is a Wormhole that the scanners could not reach far enough in, at this point the three force users wake up in a nightmare, on a Rocky Lava world,
They also saw multiple creatures coming towards her as Ming Charges it and Gets eviscerated, Ellistrae killed a few of them before the same happening to her, the same with Jac.
photo_6_.JPGTyrant.JPG 1D4EEDE771304EEBD76F234EEBD4EC_tyranid_art_picture.jpg

Echo, and Climber take Jac to the try to treat him, as the three Force users are violently.. 10 minutes later the shaking stops. and 5 minutes later they woke up.

Forest World: Lilith

on arrival at Arrakis they were asked there destination, and Echo gave them a place close to there actual destination. The it is a Desert Style Town about the size of Tombstone. Yalu was interested about the dream that the Force Users had, also gave more information on the Cruiser the Queens Vengeance that went into a rift then came back out, landed at its base on Lilith and neither the Ship nore the crew has been seen since. while the crew was heading back from the meeting . They got jumped by the Secret Police. the secret police lost the fight the leader eventually gave up and his men followed suit. Ellistrae used mind trick to get the bar owner to go home, they then dragged into the cantina.

Ellistrae used her being a Chiss to intimidate the leader, while Echo put the other prisoners asleep. while Jac is dumping the bodies under the Banthas.

under Interrogation, he spilled that he was under orders, and his commanders name is Jason Karnak. gives them the coordinates for the base. he also said there are 4 buildings with under ground connection, with one entrance. with multiple gun emplacements. and they will not open the doors without seeing and hearing him. or they would open fire.

The group headed back to speak to Yalu, as Wrexial mentioned the vehicle he noticed. Yalu was taken aback by the insinuation that he or Vick Rainor would be involved.

Everyone Gets a Significant Milestone

Session 3

Wrexial: Fate Provides What I Need For Misadventures

Wrexial smuggled himself onto a ship bound for Evador Base, he hid himself in communications.

the groups defeated the Vong, and found a friend Wrexial hiding and helped out with the fight, 3-CHO was able to follow the plan and evacuated the atmosphere, Wrexial picks up a staff and gets bitten for his trouble.

The Lieutenant in charge of the Communications Lutenant Smith, got everything under control, the General talked to the group while first moving into communications to turn off the emergency beacon, then moved into the security office. and the group started to talk about how the base and the purpose 3CHO and the rest of the original group. forward a few hours after a few cleanup actions and healing actions. and refreshing themselves.. they meet back up with the general.

We received a garbled communique a day and a half ago; the only words we were able to glean from the communication were… Danger, Universe, and Chaos and Rift… Sounds like Human Waling. We have been trying to clean up more but have been unsuccessful. Republic Spy in the area a Bothan named Tav Kan’Kre.. Old friend and contact of the General… above reproach

The source of the message was a system in outer rim that is only named XJ34. The little that is known is that the system itself was colonized about a hundred years ago, no one really dealt with it because it does not have much to offer. It is a true backwater system. Primarily Human but a mix of Rodians, and a smattering of others,

The group landed on the Wasser and talked with the port magistrate a portly human trained to resist the force. Paid for a specific information, on the Bothan, got the information and the minute Climber mentioned Rifts he got visibly Scared, and started to do it old fashioned written style. to give them a specific water cab, and island.

Wrexial gets into trouble stealing a Water Speeder, Breaking multiple Speed and water laws. and sending a wave of water over a bride and groom out taking Pics for there wedding. Ellistrae bailed him out, also paying all his fines and accepting personal responsibility of Wrexial while on planet.

While Wrexial was out joyriding, Ming was talking with a the purser for one of the docked ships, to gain more information of the Ports Magistrate. He was able to Empathize with the guy to get him to open up and trust him. Ming was able to corroborate that the minor bureaucrat was the type that stayed bought, he also gave the group a specific taxi service because he gained a kickback from everyone that used it, he also found that that the island the Bureaucrat gave them for the meeting was a fairly common location.

Everyone gets a Minor Milestone

Session Two

The fight in the landing bay complete with Ming running away screaming and 3-CHO fallen sparking on the ground. the group then went to a different Lift and climbed down to the 5th level.. command level. they had a minor battle. and took control of the security room, finding out that the General is locked in the major meeting room. and 3 of the solders and a Sargent watching over 4 in Communications. there plan is to break in two teams.
The plan is 3CHO and Climber to the Enrornmental system along with the force ghost Ariadne to scare the Suballtern and deal with the Solders while Ellistrae, Ming and Jaq use stealth and Smoke grenades to conceal there entrance into Communication. while 3CHO and Climber lock them in.

Session One

Hi Mark! How’s it going? Did you really mean for this page to be editable by anybody?

Aspects Called

Ellistrae: My Life is Guided By The Force: a Force vision guidance to Evador base as well as what landing pad to land at.
Climber: Traitor to the Empire, Veteran of the Republic
3-CHO: Infiltrator/Assassin Droid
Jaq Shepherd: The Force Is My Ally … Stang, I Need Better Allies
Ming Duet:

Ellistrae, Jaq got a vision of the proper jump sequence to Evador based and the specific landing pad
Climber: Orders
3-CHO Job opportunity to destroy vong
Ming Duet: Vengeance calls to me: Vision to this base..

the group landed, as the roof was closing the power completely goes out, for a few seconds and the emergency lights go on, when both Ellistrae and Climber headed over to the office door, Climber breaks down the door. at the same time Ming Duet goes to attack 3-CHO, while both Climber and Ellistrae start walking into the office.

Jaq activates Force Shield on 3-CHO, Ming goes and attack 3-CHO and Ellistrae “Chiss Jedi Knight and Weapon Master of The Old Republic” to interpose herself between them, Ming thinking she was attacking 3-CHO but instead hit Ellistrae. while Ellistrae, 3-CHO and Ming were talking,Ellistrae trying to calm it down.

both Jaq and Climber start to look in the office. Ellistrae gave Ming her 3000 year old Droid power suplly who jurryriged minimal power.
Ellistrae and Climber go to there ships, Climber changed into power armor, they got a basic layout.

Echo, tapped into the computer… tapped into the computer sstem got the Blast door open and found out about Fighting going on.

Group moved into the hallway, Climber (Allied with the Jedi Old and New) and Ellistrae (Show me a Hero), 3ECO (EXTERMINATE) all ran up ahead.. Ellistrae threw her lightsabers and defeated a Vong. Jaq hit one of the Vong. Climber Threw a Frag Grenade killing one damaging two others, 3-CHO shot one of the damaged vong hitting him. Vong moved into Ellistraes face, Jaq shot a vong and killed him, Two vong attacked Ellistrae and Ming hitting both and poisoning them. Climber is a jerk throwing epithets at the Vong and threw a grenade at them killing both of them and with Ellistrae killing the final Vong, The group then headed to the Security office meeting Major Surabaya Cusari who asked the grop to find the rest of her people. Climber talked to a group breaking stealth.

moving into lnading pad B, Fight Ensued


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