Star Wars Special Forces

Session One

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Aspects Called

Ellistrae: My Life is Guided By The Force: a Force vision guidance to Evador base as well as what landing pad to land at.
Climber: Traitor to the Empire, Veteran of the Republic
3-CHO: Infiltrator/Assassin Droid
Jaq Shepherd: The Force Is My Ally … Stang, I Need Better Allies
Ming Duet:

Ellistrae, Jaq got a vision of the proper jump sequence to Evador based and the specific landing pad
Climber: Orders
3-CHO Job opportunity to destroy vong
Ming Duet: Vengeance calls to me: Vision to this base..

the group landed, as the roof was closing the power completely goes out, for a few seconds and the emergency lights go on, when both Ellistrae and Climber headed over to the office door, Climber breaks down the door. at the same time Ming Duet goes to attack 3-CHO, while both Climber and Ellistrae start walking into the office.

Jaq activates Force Shield on 3-CHO, Ming goes and attack 3-CHO and Ellistrae “Chiss Jedi Knight and Weapon Master of The Old Republic” to interpose herself between them, Ming thinking she was attacking 3-CHO but instead hit Ellistrae. while Ellistrae, 3-CHO and Ming were talking,Ellistrae trying to calm it down.

both Jaq and Climber start to look in the office. Ellistrae gave Ming her 3000 year old Droid power suplly who jurryriged minimal power.
Ellistrae and Climber go to there ships, Climber changed into power armor, they got a basic layout.

Echo, tapped into the computer… tapped into the computer sstem got the Blast door open and found out about Fighting going on.

Group moved into the hallway, Climber (Allied with the Jedi Old and New) and Ellistrae (Show me a Hero), 3ECO (EXTERMINATE) all ran up ahead.. Ellistrae threw her lightsabers and defeated a Vong. Jaq hit one of the Vong. Climber Threw a Frag Grenade killing one damaging two others, 3-CHO shot one of the damaged vong hitting him. Vong moved into Ellistraes face, Jaq shot a vong and killed him, Two vong attacked Ellistrae and Ming hitting both and poisoning them. Climber is a jerk throwing epithets at the Vong and threw a grenade at them killing both of them and with Ellistrae killing the final Vong, The group then headed to the Security office meeting Major Surabaya Cusari who asked the grop to find the rest of her people. Climber talked to a group breaking stealth.

moving into lnading pad B, Fight Ensued



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