Star Wars Special Forces

Session 9

The Information that you can decipher from the book, goes into more detail about the four Chaos leaders.
Khorne (human)
The Blood God, the Skull Lord, the Master of Battle
Khorn was known to his followers as the god of murder, rage, and war… as his followers reveled in battle and blood and the gore of it, they gained the ability to fly into a murderous rage that enhanced there strength, and resilience.
Tzeentch (Kel Dor)
The Changer of Ways, The master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator, the architect of Fate
Tzzentch was known to his followers as the god of change, mutation, and sorcery … as his followers were great at modifying themselves and other creatures, they were able to weave the Force and create abominations, they were also the best at manipulating the force, they had a modicum of control of the Chaotic force
Slaanesh (Twi’lek)
The Pleasure Lord, the Prince of Pleasure, the Despoiler
Slaanesh was known to his followers as the god of hedonism, temptation and excess…. As his followers were known for their excesses, they were known to have no pleasure thresholds, each debauchery more perverse then the last.
Nurgle (Hutt)
The Lord of Pestilence, the Great Corruptor, the Master of Plague, the Fly Lord
Nurgle was known to his followers as the god of decay, disease and entropy. Wherever his followers went pestilence, death and decay followed in their wake, empires fell, cities fell to ruin, yet people keep flocking to his banner.

There is also information on the different types of deals that could be made, with the Daemons for a portion of their power and its costs.

The book also talks of the Inquisition who fought the corruption and there influence, an order called the Inquisition, apparently an order the comprised of two orders the Inquisitors, and the Mandalorian’s, it talks of great battles, and great victories, and even of losses.

It also mentions the last bastion of defense of this Inquisition that is placed exactly where the castle you found out was.

It also gives basic details on how to possibly bind and once bound destroy the four leaders. It mentions them but does not give much more information than the basics; the three are Force Bind, shackle and stasis.

It also mentions that you need to also find the four leaders burial sites (and retain pendants for each one… and use the three powers in succession (does not give full details on, what order)…. Then once the four essences are bound to the crystals, they will then be vulnerable. You also needed to have the remains of the four Daemons with their Pendants attached.

It also has a map and location of two of the four crypts both of the known Crypts look identical and the person who wrote the book made the assumption that all four Crypts have the same basic designs.
First is Tzeentch’s Crypt, who was apparently buried on his home planet of Tatooine, under what is assumed to be his primary temple, under the Ritual Alter

The second of the two is Slaanesh’s Crypt, which is apparently buried on Korriban within a cave, the home of a dead creature. They are not sure exactly where in the cave it is, it might be the cave itself or underneath it…

There is also information on the Mandalorians
It goes into detail on its leader Mandalor, that the Mandalorians were honorable warriors,
And the location and a bit of information in their home planet

Mandalore was located in the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim Territories, near the Hydian Way trade route,4 where it occupied the fifth orbit of the Mandalore sector’s cognominal Mandalore system, between the orbits of Kalevala and Mandallia. It sat at the end of the hyperspace lane known as the Mandalorian Road, an ancient route that connected Mandalore with the planet Corsin in the Inner Rim.
It also mentions

Rumors that Khorn might be buried on one of the old Mandalorian planets as he was originally a member of their order (or so the rumor states)

It mentions that no one has any idea where Nurgle is buried, they have been looking but no luck as of yet.

the book also has floor plans of different locations,

First is a Crypt, the caption for this one is there are four designed identically

The Second you find is that of a cave, with Giant bones of some dead creature in it…
(Large Map Handout)

The Third is a set which co-inside with a Castle

and one that is only referd to as the Observatory
In the Crypt you all see (the map) on the wall you have the Genestealers in some sort of stasis and what looks like a Hive Tyrant standing in-front of the main Sarcophagi.
The group started to talk about going to the Airless world of Iocanthus, they have no idea were it is located. The group heads back to Tatooine,

Once back on Tatooine Echo purchase himself a junker Wheel bike,
the group heads back to the cave on Tatooine, Ming uses Telekenesis on the door, the group enters back into the ritual room, they found the hinges on the lid of the altar, Ellistrae cut them while the Climber with a little help removed it, the group starts to climb down,

Inside the Crypt the group found multiple Genestealers, and two Hive Tyrants, they set two Thermal Detonators, at two of the alcoves… the Detonators went off killing four of the Genestealers, while the rest attacked the group, Hive Tyrant, and Two Genestealers, attacked Ming Doing a major damage forcing Ming to run, the room that were closed, finding bodies (food)

the group opened the sarcophagi and found a female Twi’lek, found her on her own repusler lift, they moved her onto Climbers ship, The group sens her and find out that the consciousness is else where, they contact the Jedi and are taking the body to Tython,

they were met by Mara and Corran and moved the body into the Vault of Rajavari,

talking to the Noetacons, they said that the planet is in the middle of the Chiss Ascendance, .

Everyone Gets a Significant Milestone, last week everyone got a Minor Milestone



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