Star Wars Special Forces

Session 7

you guys walk into the Temple on Tython, and the minute you enter the force leads you directly to the council chambers. The minute you enter the chambers you notice a few differences and many similarities, the circular table with its chairs are identical to the way you remember it but behind the the table, you see two statues, one of Satele Shan and the other of a Flesh raider. you also notice that both statues have votive style candles at there feet. You move beyond the tables and head towards Satele’s statue, the minute you get close you notice a shimmering effect exiting the Statue.

Once the Shimmering effect exits the statue you are face to face with what you are sure is a Force Ghost of Satele shan. Who looks disappointed at the Flesh Raiders with you, then tells them that she will talk to them later, and requested them to leave the room.

Then she looks at the rest of the group, and smiles at both Ellistrae and Drusilia, I am happy to see both of you as I feared the worst, but unless i am mistaken this is not the time for a reunion as you have more important things to do. then she looks back at everyone else, I wish to welcome you all back to our homeland, the birthplace of the Jedi, I will have words with the Fleshraiders and the Pilgrims later about this but I will say this is as much your home as it is theirs.

on that note I have enlarged the effect of the shield to cover your ship, you also may let any and all of our kind know they can come here and live safe lives, so you no longer have to keep running.

Now onto matters at hand so Ellistrae and Drusilia and there group can get back to saving the galaxy, I do have some information to impart to you that I am sure you will want.

FIrst things first, yes you are correct that these rifts that have been popping up are most definitely not natural but they are part of the force. they are neither light or dark, and no they are not grey either. it does not have a proper name, it is the melding of the two, it is chaotic, and once you go down that path there is NO going back, as there is with the darkside.

So i guess for a lack of a better name i will call it Chaos, from the little we know which unfortunately is not much, as the ancient Jeedi as a consensus wiped out any and all records, and followers of that brand of the force.

anyone that decides to follow the path of the chaotic force will eventually be completely subsumed and taken over by it. nothing will be left of them but a mutated husk, a vessel to host a piece of the Force, and nearly unstoppable.

Force Users are the most susceptible to its overtures, but those that are not force sensitive are also susceptible beyond that I do not know.. I wont deny there might be more information out there, neither the force nore I know anything else.. all i do know is that you are needed elsewhere. and I have a job to do.

May the Force Be with you all, and good luck..

Greetings all, welcome back, I hope your business with the Jedi was fruitful and successful.

ok, well since you have been gone, we were contacted by one Rainer, he said he knew you guys, so the higher ups send his correspondence up to me,. first off he told us to thank you for the help, and that you dealt the secret police and the current regime a blow, also that since your attack there have been no more rift issues.

another thing, we have been able to translate some of the information you were able to acquire for us.

First off you got your hands on the personal journal of the Warlord Sheado Shai, who apparently was the name of the Vong you tangled with at the base. he is a member of a sect of the Yuuzon Vong that’s ultimate goal is to acquire the force, with any means necessary, and make sure they are the only ones that have it.

you also got us a list of resources, not names tho, not sure if this is a full or partial list, but even from this, it is staggering the kind of backing he has. there are also a number of apparent communiques to the Supreme Overlord. these were not antagonistic, these were apparently giving him an update on what he was up to and the status of his tests,

ok, next we have been able to translate the plans for the machine, it is as we figured it is organic in nature. it is most definitely alive and apparently infused with what the Warlord has written here called the Chaotic Force.. whatever that means.

we have a few videos of it in action. the First video shows the thing pulsing and writing then a green glow as it shoots a green line into the sky.
The second video that he warns the group is very graphic shows a bunch of eye open up on it and a mouth of what looks like razor sharp teeth dripping with green viscus fluid, as they march about four what are most definitely prisoners into, the area as a bunch of what look like vines shoot out and envelope the struggling creature as it brings it towards the awaiting mouth, as it devourers the victim you see the machine like creature pulse green and get larger. (while this is going on there is a voice over in Vong)

there is also a mention of some esoteric drawings, and freezes.. some crude some very detailed, he also mentions a voice in his head offering him everything. he also mentions that the room itself felt like it was undulating and twisting, and when he left he saw the world in a completely different light.. nothing beyond that was mentioned.
Wrexial had a contact, Astrid Skane, a human female looks like a Salem witch hunter, with a respirator, set up a meeting on Tatooine, then Wrexial negotiated a contract.

The group then went to Tatooine, She mentioned Daemons being part of an ancient force tradition. The daemons are the originators of the chaos force tradition. They are a powerful force ghosts that can effect the real world. The group asked about the viod creator, then they asked about anyone else who was asking about the same information and she said a darkside devotee, with a scared face.

She gives the group how to kill the Void creator, and you need to kill its heart, as it has poisoned spines. with three types of poison, damaging, Paralytic and Psychotropic. she gave the information on the four ancient Chaos leaders of the force tradition, that you have to willingly accept chaos into you, you cannot accidentally accept it

The group hired Astrid to get the darsider to meet them..

then they asked her about the locations, one a castle on a dead world with no atmosphere but gravity, but is a perfect castle with no pitting or scaring
a Cave on Tatooine, and a cave on Korriban

you arrive at the cave, the plants are larger and more vibrant then the normal ones and they snap at you. as you enter the cave, you come upon a room full of fresco and writings, they record it, before they come apron three doors made of bone, Drusilia sensed chaos from behind all three doors, then Wrexial pushes on the door and jumps back.

Ming, used Telekinesis at the skull door and opening it.. the group sees an inky blackness in the doorway that light can no penetrate, echo looks inside it and sees shelves but not what is on it.

Drusilia remembers a darkside darkness, Ming and the rest of the jedi fought the darkness, the group entered the room and saw rows of skulls with lightsaber crystals in there eye sockets, Wrexial threw a rock at the skulls and it went back at him, then Drusilia decided to touch the skull with her lightsaber and got mentally attacked along with a corrupted lightsaber.. the group moved towards the back of the room, the group saw a book under transparasteal, the book itself is written on humanoid skin, they see two statues both with dual lightsabers, manipulating the lightsabers, removed the roof of the case, as Climber reached into the case and retrieved the book itself., the whole group got out of the room before the door closed.

the door closes behind you, and you start to hear a wailing. the group left the cave and headed back to there ships, and talked about unlocking the book, but the jedi felt it would be a bad idea to open it here as they needed a room designed to suppress the force.

that evening Drusilia meditated and in the morning removed the Chaos from her lightsaber.

that day the group decided to go back to the cave the next day, Ming attempts to open the Ritual Tourcher room, stained glass panels depicting different rituals , with bright sunlight after about 20-30 feet, Climber walks into the room and sees depictions of the symbols, after the thirty feet, the room is no longer to bright, the room is about the size of kellys room, the group eventually gets to a turn in the hallway. every time they try to move back the group eventually entered a large room with pews going up about 150-200 feet, climber walks up 75 feet to get a better view, as he walked up it looks impossibly steep, looking around you found the 4 cymbols of the 4 leaders, with sunlight focusing on the alter, the alter has a set of humanoid bones looking like they were polished with a knife and book next to it. on the seats there were prayer books each with its own separate lock.



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