Star Wars Special Forces

Session 6

a few minutes after the fight is over, Sansa Starts to gain consciousness, (Still has a moderate consequence of brain trauma), looking around her eyes a bit unclear, and sounding a bit groggy.. asking the group, OK, what just happened?. all i remember is human wailing and these strangest dreams, closer to nightmares tho.

ok, once we get out of this tunnel we will be in the research wing of the base, we will have to go over a hallway to get into the other tunnel to get into Administration, as she says that you all hear a blood curdling scream coming from the hallway in front of you. it sounds like someone is getting tortured,

Show Me a Hero and I’ll Write You a Tragedy. (Calling in on Ellistrae) for Ellistrae to want to investigate.

as you guys enter the hallway you hear the scream yet again, you follow the screams to a closed and locked door.

Inside you find a large room, with double doors and second room enclosed in glass for easy viewing, outside you see you individuals looking at computer screens with medical images. brain scans etc…. the two individuals are engrossed in what is going on the screens and joking and making bets on what is going on beyond the glass, they don’t notice you enter.

Inside you see a red skinned human, strapped to a chair, with a strange creature attached to her neck. and another human standing over her, obviously asking questions, using another living organism causing the red skinned female serious discomfort and pain. on a table near the two individuals is a set of unusual looking armor and sitting on top of it is a cylindrical tube (lightsaber)…

After helping out Drusillia,

you all make your way through the second tunnel, and make your way towards the Administration wing, which has a total of three people in it the rest are nowhere to be found.

as you all enter the location, Sansa quickly makes her way to her station to get the information, she finds out that everyone is locked in the Northern Spoke, and that she can now open and closed the doors to the place. she also knows that the Bothan (no name in the system) is being held in Interrogation wing. she has his exact cell number and should be able to get you there without much of a fuss.

you find the Bothan a bit the worse for wear sitting in a standard cell, looking a little groggy and you notice his eyes are not tracking properly… (obviously drugged),

another interesting thing you notice is that you see no one around. no guards. nothing…

The group ended up fighting against the Vong, defeated the vong and the Human guards. The based commander a vong got a way after the door was blown in and left on a coral ship while Drusilia left, the group got the information

Natasha was asked to say in her cabin and she has, the bothan gives the information, especially the one about the fact that the Rifts are not natural, but vong made. and he talked about Spires that he got the plans for, and thinks they are what created the rifts, he also think they removed the one from the system the group was just in.

they went back to the base, and talked with the General, putting the vong under guard,

everyone minus ming, went to the see the Jedi. they go in to see the Jedi council. they introduced everyone, and Natasha. to the Jedi Masters who accepted her into the order and as a Padawan to Ellistrae.

they gave the Jedi the information to get to Tython. and gave them the information.

then took them to the Surface of Tython, they find the Temple being pristine, the Ruins grown over, and the Pilgrims, it has grown, and is a combined with the Twilecs and Flesh Raiders. telling the group they can not enter. talking with them, then Drusilia they talked to her and about the Jedi as if they were gods. Playing up the god angle, Drusilia was able to get them into the temple.



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