Star Wars Special Forces

Session 5

The group checked each other for listening devices. and found absolutely none. Yalu told the group he will be leaving in 20 minutes, they wanted to move the ships farther into the desert. Jac used the force to follow Yalu, Jac was watching Yalu get ready to head out.. Yalu noticed and jac tried to get onto Yalus ship and slid off. Yalu was acting like a jerk, to the group, the group had gotten enough, and decided to track him, Jac put a tracker on him and they went back to the ships and they followed it, until it disappeared at a rocky outcropping. the group started to examine it. finding some odd things about it. as they are trying to find a way in, the vehicle, both Climber and Ellistrae stood in front of the vehicle… they all met, an attractive young woman,
7502907_orig.jpg who introduced herself as Sansa Lanister. Ellistrae senses the force in her, and senses that she is fairly powerful in the force, unaligned and untrained. Ellistrae showed her the force and told her specifically. The group entered Ellistraes ship, The group talked with

I am his contact inside Blackthorn base, the main base for the Secret Police, I have been told you wanted a meeting, may i inquire as to what you wish of me?

the layout of the base is as follows, the buildings are between 2-6 floors mostly on the surface but a few buildings go under ground. the Southern spoke is about 2 floors taken up administration, which is were I work, we take all the com-calls and trans for them to the proper locations, we also do intake of all new prisoners, acquisitions as-well as all paperwork

the northern spoke is taken up by the Barracks, Armory, and Cafeteria and motor pool

the western spoke is research and development, as well as storage for large items that were deemed interesting or necessary for any specific investigation. it is also the largest of the buildings.

The Eastern Spoke is taken up by Interrogation as-well as the Commanders offices with is personal staff: the Current commander Garry Galley

Most likely your Bothan friend Tav Kan’kre is in the Eastern spoke, interrogation wing.

I should be able to get you in, looking at Ellistrae, as long as you hide your features you should be fine, as Arrakis is a Desert world, people coming back in wearing destert style outfits covering the whole body is not uncommon.

the biggest two problems are going to be the furry one looking at Wrexial, and the Driod looking at Echo.

the bigger of the two is the Driod, a little background is in order here. every since Commander Galley took over about two years ago, he made a few policy changes one of which was to scrap all of our droids, he apparently sees droids as a security risk. so bringing an active droid that is not in multiple peaces for any reason is problematic.

The outer security is comprised of Sensors, Automatic Turrets, both ground and Air,

The group went with the plan to have Sansa drive them into the building, when they notices a bunch of guys that looked out of the ordinary

the group then defeated the mobs and started to move down the hallway they had other fights but nothing major, they continued to move down the hallway and they heard keening and wailing.. Sansa is down on the ground, Bleeding out the ears and throwing up blood…

the the group got into a fight with two Vong handlers and 6 Xenomorphs. defeated them.



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