Star Wars Special Forces

Session 13

The nite started with the group talking and deciding to deal with the Hutt first, so the group went to Evador Base to talk with the general to get more information, the information they received was that Nal Hutta was conquered following an orbital bombardment by the Vong in retaliation for the Hutts’ treachery in 26 ABY. The Y’Toub system was surrounded by several of the Yuuzhan Vong’s most deadly warships and then Several organic creations were sent to Nal Hutta and its moon Nar Shaddaa for multiple purposes. Different types of bacteria killed most of the inhabitants, before processing their remains into the soil of Nal Hutta


after this the group then started to plan out how they where going to get there, the group came up with two plans, both where ment as diversions so the group could get in past the blockades , one of the plans is to send, asteroids, on a Trajectory twards the planet, the second plans was to try to spoof the Vong sensors into thinking there where asteroids, in hopes the vong would send ships away from the planets for enough time for the group to get on the planet. In the end the group decided on using real asteroids. this is when the general said he needed to bring in the Corp of Engineers. so while waiting for the General to set up the meeting The group then did a bit more research and found that the Hutt coiuld have been burried under one of three sites, a Chemical factory, a Droid Factory and the last was a food stuff factory, once they got that information, they where able to dig up the last scan of the planet that was done after the bombing to get an idea of where the three locations where. It was at this point that climber and echo pooled there contacts to see if they knew anyone that might have more information on Nurgles whereabouts, both of them had contacts.. both Echo and Climber new the Senator one Van Arno a human from Naboo with serious ties to the Hutts, Echo had worked for a hutt by the name of Targo the Hutt. They then contacted the Senator who was a bit rude but gave them the information they sought and told them that was repayment for saving his life..

Van Arno, was a font of information and was able to cut the locations down to the Chemical plant, and the Droid factory, the group at this point was leaning towards the Chemical plant. Van Arno was also able to tell them where the Hutt lived, and that he is a descendent of Nurgle himself. and told him he owned a pleasure station, the group was able to find out that the Station that the Hutt owned was about a half a days fight from the base itself.

The group, left and went to the barge, and after a bit of hagiling and price gouging got a meeting with the hutt, the Hutt did not ask for any credits up front, as all he wanted was items on a list that belonged to his family that should be in the crypt. he then told the group that yes Nurgle was his Ancestor, and that he should be burred under the site of the Chemical Factory,. which is when the group left the Station and headed back to the Base, not after removing all the bugs that where planted on the ship itself.

Once back on the base, they had the meeting with the Engineers who told them that it would take them about a month and a half to get it done and started. which is when the group decided to head out to deal with Khorn on Mandalore
It took them about two weeks to get to mandalore and the minute they exit hyperspace they where immediately surrounded by a squadron of Mandalorian Heavy Fighters, and two Mandalorian Cruisers, to unknown ships you have illegally entered Mandalorian space. Announce yourselves and your intentions, if you do not comply you will be detained and boarded.
They where then escorted to the planet of Mandalore, and once they landed the group was detained and seperated, the Non force users in one cell, the Force Users in another (a cell that the force users could not access the force). The group was detained for about two days before you got an audience with Mandalore himself, who told the guards to remove the Force Users Shackles.

Once that was done, Mandalore removed his helmet, and talked to teh group, giving them his name, as Boba Fett, and naming Climber, Echo and Wrexial, as he knew the three of them by reputation. the group then offered him the Mandalorian steel the group had and he accepted.
Mandalore then asked the group some questions, and the group answered as to why they whree here, telling him about why the group was here. He was not completely surprised by it, then he told the group the information on Khorne that he had.
That Khorne was one of the greatest Mandalores, and that the title of Mandalore the Merciful was not one he took for himself but was one that was given to him by others. and that there was an event that almost Whipped the Mandalorians out, was about when Khorne started to change.
I do know where this Mine you speak of us, It is located in the deep jungle, it is an old played out mine. of the mine itself there is not much written, except that it is supposedly the final resting place of the man that used to be Mandalore the Merciful, and if the information you state is correct that legend is true. I wish i had maps of the place but much of the information of that place no longer exists, whether time or a deft hand removed the information, I do not know. but what little there is speaks of an old mining town that grew up around it, but disappeared after the defeat of Khorne the name that Mandalore the Merciful took after he forswore his Allegiances to the Mandalorians.

There is supposedly a clan of Mandalorians that disappeared into the Jungles around the same time Khorne was pushed back into the mines but i cannot say.
One final warning there are many creatures in the Jungles, most will give you a wide berth but there is one that I believe was called a Tuk’ata, I know at least one is out there. because i saw one, it threw lighting at me then spoke to me or i believe it spoke to me, but i did not understand this language. I decided not to pursue the creature as I figured it was just protecting its territory.

it was at this point that Drusilia rememberd the creature and some information about it that it is called a Tuk’ata Sith Hound, Sith hounds were oversized beasts that were bred to be both fearless and relentless where they were tasked with guarding the Sith tombs on Korriban. Their distinctive characteristics included sharp horns, long claws and savage teeth. Tuk’ata were unusually intelligent and were even able to communicate with one another through means unknown. It was claimed that originally the species were non-violent grazing animals before being corrupted by Sith alchemy experiments that awakened latent parts of their brain which transformed them into unnatural abominations. On occasion, random mutations produce some tuk’ata that were able to live for centuries and grew to immense proportions. They also could Apparently feed off the force itself. They where also known to be used to guard the Sith Tombs on Korriban. they where also known to be force sensitive, and that there where a few sith lords that took some as pets.
that description reminding Climber of a story of an event on Yavin 4 of a large tuk’ata was seen on the planet guarding a cave. It was confronted by the Solo children, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin, along with Lowbacca, and Finn Galfridian. It was initially hostile, but retreated back into its cave after Jacen Solo helped heal it.
the group went into the Jungle and yes there are all kinds of unfamiliar noises all around you, but nothing out of the ordinary. as you guys get closer to the reported entrance to this mine, you see an overgrown city, most of the buildings have been worn away due to weather and time, but a few of the buildings do look fairly attached, when you look inside you do notice signs of people having been here recently, but no footprints or anything. you also notice the main drag leads directly to the mouth of the Mine. there is a sign out front saying “private property stay out”.

Climber knocked the sign down and the group boldly strode into the Mine, and immediately got surrounded by a group of stealth-ed Mandalorians

the Mandalorians did not like the answers the group gave them and attacked. eight Mandalorians and two Stealth-ed Tuk’ata hounds fought the group. with the fight ended with the eight Mandalorians dead, and the hounds deciding to talk instead of fight.



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