Star Wars Special Forces

Session 12

ok, you all enter the Bastion, into a room bathed in multi colored lights from the stained glass windows, the room itself is immaculate, nothing to indicate this place has been abandoned for any length of time.

in front of you you see an open entrance way (15).. with windows on either side looking down at two warehouses full of droids, some of the droids look like they are moving around doing maintenance, and even some exiting your field of view. all of them look visibly armed. All different sizes of droids.
as you enter the main hallway beyond the Entrance you see Columns, the Columns with elaborate artwork that is traditionally attributed to the Infinite Empire. in the main hallway to your right there is a doorway with a sign in that says in basic Security, With a lit panel next to it. (Systems 5) to open the door without resulting into main force. Once inside you see banks of computers as well as some security monitors that are constantly flipping through cameras of the whole place, from what you can see the place looks like it has been kepped up not a single spec of dust anywhere.
(Systems 3) gets you access to the computer, and allows you to get access to the bases functions, and administration access.
(Systems 4) gets you access to the security systems and the Bastions defense grid, you are able to turn off the basic defenses (the turets and unlock most of the bastions doors from here.)
you also get a complete map of the whole place, with a key telling you what each room was used for during the days of the Inquisition. (handing the group the printed maps with its legend)

The floors that I did not give you maps floor are pretty basic, three floors are taken up by droid stations, which include Drioid Dikars, Basic C-3PO type droids, and heavy battle droids. There are enough droids here to take on an army, as most of them are deactivated at this moment in time. the oddest thing you find is that there are a number of droid not tasked with Security are missing. and the file that should be accessible telling you which droids and where they are is locked.

(System 6) to break the encryption to find out that these droids where re purposed, years ago to defend the stations sub levels. it also gives you details on what type of droids they where, The List includes about a dozen regular combat droids, 2 Heavy Combat Droids, and 2 Mobile E-Web Blasters (Droid Chassis).
Systems 8, to find out if you can get a map of the under portions of the base, you find an odd piece of information. You notice that there is a system that should be connected to the whole system but was removed off the system around the same time that the other droids where re-purposed, and that computer used to be in the Inquisition wing of the Bastion itself. The Inquisition offices to be exact.
As you head towards that, you see many Tapestries on the walls, some depicting battles, and others depiction what you assume to be Symbols of the separate Mandalorian clans, as well as the Inquisition itself. (Yes Wrexial you can take a Tapestry if you want it)
Once in the office you do see the system in question sitting on the desk powered off, once you power it on it requests a password(Systems 5) to break the password. Once inside you notice the whole system has been purposefully corrupted, the only thing you are able to reconstruct is a single map file. Bastion_Map_with_Key_3.jpg
You head twards the back of the building on the second floor to find a wall where the elevator you need should be, (Investigate 5) to find the secret panel on the wall, which once removed shows an old style hand print/ and retinal scanner. (Engineering 5, Systems 5) to re-wire the panel to let you into the elevator.

Once you get into the elevator, you notice there is one button that once pressed takes you down what you assume to be about 25 meters. then opens up into the entrance way of the caverns, you find two Auto-Turrets trained on the entrance, but they are shut down at the present time. You walk forwards and you see a closed and locked door in front of you. Once you are able to open this door you find yourself in a Security office, all the computer systems seem to be in shutdown mode. (exactly where the map shows it should be.)

If you get the security computers up and running you do notice none of the cameras are working down here, from what the security systems tell you they are no longer operational, and you would have to fix them manually to get them to work again. (The halllways are large enough a hutt could move through conferrable. When you exit the securty office, you hear movement up ahead. (sounds mechanical)

Ming continued down the dark path.
As you go farther down the Hallway, on your right you see an open hallway, with a wall to the north. If you go right you see a long hallway on either side there are long recesses, at the end of each one is a figure in Carbonite, six one either side, one side male the other female. on the walls next to them are panels with vitals on them, as-well as a panel to release them from there Carbonite tubes. above the Vitals are names, each name looks Chiss. of the 12 the most notable is that of Zilvara….
(if they are released, you see a small ish droid fly from a room beyond and Start to check out the newly released Chiss form., and injecting the form with three different drugs.)
beyond the Carbonite room, you see another room that has 12 alcoves each one with a letter corresponding to a letter next to the Carbonite chambers. (if they released one of the Chiss that letters alcove is open)

beyond the wall to the north of the hallway, is a large room, that looks like it was designed to house large rituals,=. the room is large enough to house all four of the Daemons.

This is also the room that houses a machine that looks like it could release the holocron.

On the holocron are the Three Force Powers that are needed to release and bind the Daemons. It also houses the knowledge of what order they are needed to be used.

The order you need to do it in is Force Bind, Then Stasus, Then Shackle, the caviate is that Force Shackle needs to be concentrated on, until the whole ritual and defeat of the Daemons is complete, you need to have One Force User per Daemon, to keep Shackle up…. .. Once Force Shackle on all four has been cast, the Daemons will be locked to there bodies and the Stasus they have been put under will release, and whoever is there will have to fight the Daemons at there full power. Once the bodies have been defeated the Chaos force should be trapped inside the Amulets which can then be destroyed.

Ellistrae basicly tells zilvara that her and her people will get the job of doing the binding…

Found out that Korn is burried in a played out mine……. On mandalore

And Nurgle is burried on Nal Hutta, in a working shop.



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