Star Wars Special Forces

Session 11

The fight has just ended, you have a bunch of corpses surrounding you, the ones closest to the explosion (genestealers) look dessicated.

From the outside you see cracks some of them deep in the side of the mountain, some of the have already fallen, there is a bit of rubble in front of the entrance to the cave itself.

Inside the entrance, you notice cracks inside as well, some of the cave walls have fallen, you notice there is rubble everywhere, in a few places it is so bad that there are slivers of sunlight coming into the cave.

The door itself has images of sex, and debauchery. it also has cracks throughout the door, and the foundation the door itself is inset into does not look all that sound. you also notice a greenish sickening light coming through the cracks in the door.

Inside the cave itself you see more dessicated corpses of humans, Twi’lecs, Genestealers, Hive Tyrants.. and other creatures you have never seen the like before

there are corridors completely blocked to to rubble from the roof.
You eventually get to a room that in the center has a Crystal floating in the middle of the air, from what you think is the source of the Green Sickly glow. (if they sense it it senses as Pure unadulterated chaos). it looks like it is floating under its own power, and it has tendrils that look like they are connected to four bodies laying on the ground, (they look dessicated and covered in a greenish glow) with a circular ring of green glow attached to the Tendrils
Under the Green orb you see a partially broken door, but you don’t see a way to get past the Ring to get under it.

You detect life signs from the Dessicated corpses. but no movement. They also notice that every so often there is a pulse in the Orb and a small window in the Ring closes for a few seconds then it closes. (large enough for Wrexial, but it does not last very long… anything going through it gets cut in half.. after careful examination the orb looks more like a Holocron floating on its end.

Ellistrae using the force was able to get through the few second hole, and was guided by the force how to remove the tentacles, and started to kill the dessicated corpses,
The Tomb itself, is a ruin.. where walls used to be thee is rubble. the guardian creatures are all dessicated corpses, in this one there are other bodies Dessicated or Destroyed in various poses that at one time you figure might have been considered erotic. but to most Grotesque mockeries

The only things still in one piece is a Statue of a Rancor with Cyber implants. and the Sarcophagus which has been inexplicably untouched by the rest of the destruction of the place, as you see rubble around the Statue and the Sarcophagus where untouched.

the field is a darkside field, Ming Goes to Cyphen off the power into herself, her Dark Tutor, laughing in her ear with glee… woke up the Rancor, the group killed it, Ming opened the sarcophagi to find, Three bodies, they got her and themselves out, before it caved in on itself.

the group then started to argue with ming, Ellistrae saying she can not come on her ship.

they eventually met up with the Scout, finding him shell shocked, they eventually got him, Ming took herself and the Scout/spy back, then stole the Spys ship. the group eventually met back up on Tython, talking about Ming to some of the masters.

Chiss Assendency

New Information for Bill:

Thrawn gave you a bit more information, a few things in your day there were 9 ruling houses, but at this point in time that has been trimmed down to 4 ruling families, with your family still being one of the 4 left in command, the other five still exsist but they no longer factor into the grand scheme of things.

The head of your house is Mitth’swe’nuruodo, “Swenuru” a female, once the head of the military itself, now head of the house.
The group Decided to contact the woman on Tatoeen, she told you there should be a device on the bastion, the group then went back to the base, Climber got the parts, and Echo got a repulse lift installed,

The group then started to talk about going into Chiss space. Figuring out the best way of doing it,
Important Chiss

Admiral Hess’irolia’nuruodo “Irolia” (Female) Head of the Fleet Stationed around the Bastion
Captain: Mitth’Zilvad"nuruodo (Male) Captain of the First Ship you encounter once you arrive in chiss Space

Once you arrive in Chiss space you are quickly surrounded by a bunch Chiss Claw Craft, and are quickly contacted buy the captain Zilvad requesting information.. This is Captain Zilvad of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense fleet requesting unknown ships that just arrived in Chiss space announced

The captain then escorted the three ships to the Admirals ship, you are escorted to the Admiral, The next morning the group is woken up, and escorted back to the Admiral, who apologized. and told you that there was a ship ready and waiting, her ship will follow after.

When you land you are met by Personal House Guard, a week later, you are given permission. The information they were able to tell you about Modified Turbo lasers.. that the Admirals Ship’s will keep under control, The doors where made of a composite martial, and they gave you the codes to get in. they also got Echo plans for the Infinite Empires computer systems.



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