Star Wars Special Forces

Session 10

the last bastion (Castle) is in the heart of the Chiss Ascendency, The planet is fiercely guarded by the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, under the umbrella of Mitth family’s holdings. the Mitth family is the 8th of the nine ruling families of the Chiss. The military arm of the 9 families.

The Base itself is under close observation of the Mitth family and is fiercely controlled and guarded, no one without express permission gets even close to the planet.

The bastion itself has its own security systems, I do not know if any of them are still active or not. There should be a few different Holocrons in the vaults underneath the Castle itself. (no maps of them), underneath the castle itself are rooms where the old rituals used to be performed. probably the perfect place to store and re-acquaint the Daemons with there body’s.

if the security systems are active, it will most likely be Droid guards, and some other creatures in Stasis that are designed to come out of it once the Security systems where activated. I can give you my codes, but i am pretty sure they will not turn off all of the alarms and security systems, you will probably have a bit of a fight. I am sorry I can no give you any other information on that one.

I also have the information for you about where at least one of the last two Daemons are interned it was the last thing we found out before I was killed in combat. Khorne the human amonxed them was burred on Mandalore, itself. where on the planet i do not know we never did figure that one out.
After the conversation is over, Climber gets a com chirp that he has a message with the generals com codes on it requesting you to contact him at your earliest convenience

Ahh good, Captain Climber, we where able to get some more information from the Journals and confirmation from the two prisoners you gained from us. we have the next location the Warlord and his abomination creatures, and the Rift creature will be set up, his next location will be on the Planet Korrabon, near a few ancient Ruins.

The general has a Spy on planet that was able to give more information, the location of Slaanesh’s Crypt, which is the location where the Warlord will be in about a week and a half.
The group over stressing the engines they made it to Korrabon, in 2 days less then a week. the group landed and covered the ships to hide them,
they then contacted Lamark and set up a meeting.

Lamark tells the group, that the warp creator is here already being fed by the Cave. there are also 2 sharpers. grew roots into the cave, and it has grown from 50meeters to about 150 meters in size….. Covering the Cave entrance.

The group throwing out ideas, Echo went up scouting, found that the rift creator, has is not all that armored,

The group then decided to attack the Rift Creator, attacked it repeatedly…. breaking into its heart… the Warlord Shaedo Shai Decided to make his way onto the battlefield, Climber took a shot with his rifle blowing the heart apart as all of the Chaos inside it exploded in a wave of color forcing Ming into a crack in the ground, causing Ellistrae, and Echo to fall on there ass.. The group then ganged up on Shaedo Shai and eventually Drusilia was able to take him out, and killed him.

During this whole time, the Planet was pushing Ming farther down the dark path, a Sith Tutor took a liking her, and started to whisper into her mind.

Everyone got a Major Milestone



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