Star Wars Special Forces

Session 14
Session 13

The nite started with the group talking and deciding to deal with the Hutt first, so the group went to Evador Base to talk with the general to get more information, the information they received was that Nal Hutta was conquered following an orbital bombardment by the Vong in retaliation for the Hutts’ treachery in 26 ABY. The Y’Toub system was surrounded by several of the Yuuzhan Vong’s most deadly warships and then Several organic creations were sent to Nal Hutta and its moon Nar Shaddaa for multiple purposes. Different types of bacteria killed most of the inhabitants, before processing their remains into the soil of Nal Hutta


after this the group then started to plan out how they where going to get there, the group came up with two plans, both where ment as diversions so the group could get in past the blockades , one of the plans is to send, asteroids, on a Trajectory twards the planet, the second plans was to try to spoof the Vong sensors into thinking there where asteroids, in hopes the vong would send ships away from the planets for enough time for the group to get on the planet. In the end the group decided on using real asteroids. this is when the general said he needed to bring in the Corp of Engineers. so while waiting for the General to set up the meeting The group then did a bit more research and found that the Hutt coiuld have been burried under one of three sites, a Chemical factory, a Droid Factory and the last was a food stuff factory, once they got that information, they where able to dig up the last scan of the planet that was done after the bombing to get an idea of where the three locations where. It was at this point that climber and echo pooled there contacts to see if they knew anyone that might have more information on Nurgles whereabouts, both of them had contacts.. both Echo and Climber new the Senator one Van Arno a human from Naboo with serious ties to the Hutts, Echo had worked for a hutt by the name of Targo the Hutt. They then contacted the Senator who was a bit rude but gave them the information they sought and told them that was repayment for saving his life..

Van Arno, was a font of information and was able to cut the locations down to the Chemical plant, and the Droid factory, the group at this point was leaning towards the Chemical plant. Van Arno was also able to tell them where the Hutt lived, and that he is a descendent of Nurgle himself. and told him he owned a pleasure station, the group was able to find out that the Station that the Hutt owned was about a half a days fight from the base itself.

The group, left and went to the barge, and after a bit of hagiling and price gouging got a meeting with the hutt, the Hutt did not ask for any credits up front, as all he wanted was items on a list that belonged to his family that should be in the crypt. he then told the group that yes Nurgle was his Ancestor, and that he should be burred under the site of the Chemical Factory,. which is when the group left the Station and headed back to the Base, not after removing all the bugs that where planted on the ship itself.

Once back on the base, they had the meeting with the Engineers who told them that it would take them about a month and a half to get it done and started. which is when the group decided to head out to deal with Khorn on Mandalore
It took them about two weeks to get to mandalore and the minute they exit hyperspace they where immediately surrounded by a squadron of Mandalorian Heavy Fighters, and two Mandalorian Cruisers, to unknown ships you have illegally entered Mandalorian space. Announce yourselves and your intentions, if you do not comply you will be detained and boarded.
They where then escorted to the planet of Mandalore, and once they landed the group was detained and seperated, the Non force users in one cell, the Force Users in another (a cell that the force users could not access the force). The group was detained for about two days before you got an audience with Mandalore himself, who told the guards to remove the Force Users Shackles.

Once that was done, Mandalore removed his helmet, and talked to teh group, giving them his name, as Boba Fett, and naming Climber, Echo and Wrexial, as he knew the three of them by reputation. the group then offered him the Mandalorian steel the group had and he accepted.
Mandalore then asked the group some questions, and the group answered as to why they whree here, telling him about why the group was here. He was not completely surprised by it, then he told the group the information on Khorne that he had.
That Khorne was one of the greatest Mandalores, and that the title of Mandalore the Merciful was not one he took for himself but was one that was given to him by others. and that there was an event that almost Whipped the Mandalorians out, was about when Khorne started to change.
I do know where this Mine you speak of us, It is located in the deep jungle, it is an old played out mine. of the mine itself there is not much written, except that it is supposedly the final resting place of the man that used to be Mandalore the Merciful, and if the information you state is correct that legend is true. I wish i had maps of the place but much of the information of that place no longer exists, whether time or a deft hand removed the information, I do not know. but what little there is speaks of an old mining town that grew up around it, but disappeared after the defeat of Khorne the name that Mandalore the Merciful took after he forswore his Allegiances to the Mandalorians.

There is supposedly a clan of Mandalorians that disappeared into the Jungles around the same time Khorne was pushed back into the mines but i cannot say.
One final warning there are many creatures in the Jungles, most will give you a wide berth but there is one that I believe was called a Tuk’ata, I know at least one is out there. because i saw one, it threw lighting at me then spoke to me or i believe it spoke to me, but i did not understand this language. I decided not to pursue the creature as I figured it was just protecting its territory.

it was at this point that Drusilia rememberd the creature and some information about it that it is called a Tuk’ata Sith Hound, Sith hounds were oversized beasts that were bred to be both fearless and relentless where they were tasked with guarding the Sith tombs on Korriban. Their distinctive characteristics included sharp horns, long claws and savage teeth. Tuk’ata were unusually intelligent and were even able to communicate with one another through means unknown. It was claimed that originally the species were non-violent grazing animals before being corrupted by Sith alchemy experiments that awakened latent parts of their brain which transformed them into unnatural abominations. On occasion, random mutations produce some tuk’ata that were able to live for centuries and grew to immense proportions. They also could Apparently feed off the force itself. They where also known to be used to guard the Sith Tombs on Korriban. they where also known to be force sensitive, and that there where a few sith lords that took some as pets.
that description reminding Climber of a story of an event on Yavin 4 of a large tuk’ata was seen on the planet guarding a cave. It was confronted by the Solo children, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin, along with Lowbacca, and Finn Galfridian. It was initially hostile, but retreated back into its cave after Jacen Solo helped heal it.
the group went into the Jungle and yes there are all kinds of unfamiliar noises all around you, but nothing out of the ordinary. as you guys get closer to the reported entrance to this mine, you see an overgrown city, most of the buildings have been worn away due to weather and time, but a few of the buildings do look fairly attached, when you look inside you do notice signs of people having been here recently, but no footprints or anything. you also notice the main drag leads directly to the mouth of the Mine. there is a sign out front saying “private property stay out”.

Climber knocked the sign down and the group boldly strode into the Mine, and immediately got surrounded by a group of stealth-ed Mandalorians

the Mandalorians did not like the answers the group gave them and attacked. eight Mandalorians and two Stealth-ed Tuk’ata hounds fought the group. with the fight ended with the eight Mandalorians dead, and the hounds deciding to talk instead of fight.

Session 12

ok, you all enter the Bastion, into a room bathed in multi colored lights from the stained glass windows, the room itself is immaculate, nothing to indicate this place has been abandoned for any length of time.

in front of you you see an open entrance way (15).. with windows on either side looking down at two warehouses full of droids, some of the droids look like they are moving around doing maintenance, and even some exiting your field of view. all of them look visibly armed. All different sizes of droids.
as you enter the main hallway beyond the Entrance you see Columns, the Columns with elaborate artwork that is traditionally attributed to the Infinite Empire. in the main hallway to your right there is a doorway with a sign in that says in basic Security, With a lit panel next to it. (Systems 5) to open the door without resulting into main force. Once inside you see banks of computers as well as some security monitors that are constantly flipping through cameras of the whole place, from what you can see the place looks like it has been kepped up not a single spec of dust anywhere.
(Systems 3) gets you access to the computer, and allows you to get access to the bases functions, and administration access.
(Systems 4) gets you access to the security systems and the Bastions defense grid, you are able to turn off the basic defenses (the turets and unlock most of the bastions doors from here.)
you also get a complete map of the whole place, with a key telling you what each room was used for during the days of the Inquisition. (handing the group the printed maps with its legend)

The floors that I did not give you maps floor are pretty basic, three floors are taken up by droid stations, which include Drioid Dikars, Basic C-3PO type droids, and heavy battle droids. There are enough droids here to take on an army, as most of them are deactivated at this moment in time. the oddest thing you find is that there are a number of droid not tasked with Security are missing. and the file that should be accessible telling you which droids and where they are is locked.

(System 6) to break the encryption to find out that these droids where re purposed, years ago to defend the stations sub levels. it also gives you details on what type of droids they where, The List includes about a dozen regular combat droids, 2 Heavy Combat Droids, and 2 Mobile E-Web Blasters (Droid Chassis).
Systems 8, to find out if you can get a map of the under portions of the base, you find an odd piece of information. You notice that there is a system that should be connected to the whole system but was removed off the system around the same time that the other droids where re-purposed, and that computer used to be in the Inquisition wing of the Bastion itself. The Inquisition offices to be exact.
As you head towards that, you see many Tapestries on the walls, some depicting battles, and others depiction what you assume to be Symbols of the separate Mandalorian clans, as well as the Inquisition itself. (Yes Wrexial you can take a Tapestry if you want it)
Once in the office you do see the system in question sitting on the desk powered off, once you power it on it requests a password(Systems 5) to break the password. Once inside you notice the whole system has been purposefully corrupted, the only thing you are able to reconstruct is a single map file. Bastion_Map_with_Key_3.jpg
You head twards the back of the building on the second floor to find a wall where the elevator you need should be, (Investigate 5) to find the secret panel on the wall, which once removed shows an old style hand print/ and retinal scanner. (Engineering 5, Systems 5) to re-wire the panel to let you into the elevator.

Once you get into the elevator, you notice there is one button that once pressed takes you down what you assume to be about 25 meters. then opens up into the entrance way of the caverns, you find two Auto-Turrets trained on the entrance, but they are shut down at the present time. You walk forwards and you see a closed and locked door in front of you. Once you are able to open this door you find yourself in a Security office, all the computer systems seem to be in shutdown mode. (exactly where the map shows it should be.)

If you get the security computers up and running you do notice none of the cameras are working down here, from what the security systems tell you they are no longer operational, and you would have to fix them manually to get them to work again. (The halllways are large enough a hutt could move through conferrable. When you exit the securty office, you hear movement up ahead. (sounds mechanical)

Ming continued down the dark path.
As you go farther down the Hallway, on your right you see an open hallway, with a wall to the north. If you go right you see a long hallway on either side there are long recesses, at the end of each one is a figure in Carbonite, six one either side, one side male the other female. on the walls next to them are panels with vitals on them, as-well as a panel to release them from there Carbonite tubes. above the Vitals are names, each name looks Chiss. of the 12 the most notable is that of Zilvara….
(if they are released, you see a small ish droid fly from a room beyond and Start to check out the newly released Chiss form., and injecting the form with three different drugs.)
beyond the Carbonite room, you see another room that has 12 alcoves each one with a letter corresponding to a letter next to the Carbonite chambers. (if they released one of the Chiss that letters alcove is open)

beyond the wall to the north of the hallway, is a large room, that looks like it was designed to house large rituals,=. the room is large enough to house all four of the Daemons.

This is also the room that houses a machine that looks like it could release the holocron.

On the holocron are the Three Force Powers that are needed to release and bind the Daemons. It also houses the knowledge of what order they are needed to be used.

The order you need to do it in is Force Bind, Then Stasus, Then Shackle, the caviate is that Force Shackle needs to be concentrated on, until the whole ritual and defeat of the Daemons is complete, you need to have One Force User per Daemon, to keep Shackle up…. .. Once Force Shackle on all four has been cast, the Daemons will be locked to there bodies and the Stasus they have been put under will release, and whoever is there will have to fight the Daemons at there full power. Once the bodies have been defeated the Chaos force should be trapped inside the Amulets which can then be destroyed.

Ellistrae basicly tells zilvara that her and her people will get the job of doing the binding…

Found out that Korn is burried in a played out mine……. On mandalore

And Nurgle is burried on Nal Hutta, in a working shop.

Session 11

The fight has just ended, you have a bunch of corpses surrounding you, the ones closest to the explosion (genestealers) look dessicated.

From the outside you see cracks some of them deep in the side of the mountain, some of the have already fallen, there is a bit of rubble in front of the entrance to the cave itself.

Inside the entrance, you notice cracks inside as well, some of the cave walls have fallen, you notice there is rubble everywhere, in a few places it is so bad that there are slivers of sunlight coming into the cave.

The door itself has images of sex, and debauchery. it also has cracks throughout the door, and the foundation the door itself is inset into does not look all that sound. you also notice a greenish sickening light coming through the cracks in the door.

Inside the cave itself you see more dessicated corpses of humans, Twi’lecs, Genestealers, Hive Tyrants.. and other creatures you have never seen the like before

there are corridors completely blocked to to rubble from the roof.
You eventually get to a room that in the center has a Crystal floating in the middle of the air, from what you think is the source of the Green Sickly glow. (if they sense it it senses as Pure unadulterated chaos). it looks like it is floating under its own power, and it has tendrils that look like they are connected to four bodies laying on the ground, (they look dessicated and covered in a greenish glow) with a circular ring of green glow attached to the Tendrils
Under the Green orb you see a partially broken door, but you don’t see a way to get past the Ring to get under it.

You detect life signs from the Dessicated corpses. but no movement. They also notice that every so often there is a pulse in the Orb and a small window in the Ring closes for a few seconds then it closes. (large enough for Wrexial, but it does not last very long… anything going through it gets cut in half.. after careful examination the orb looks more like a Holocron floating on its end.

Ellistrae using the force was able to get through the few second hole, and was guided by the force how to remove the tentacles, and started to kill the dessicated corpses,
The Tomb itself, is a ruin.. where walls used to be thee is rubble. the guardian creatures are all dessicated corpses, in this one there are other bodies Dessicated or Destroyed in various poses that at one time you figure might have been considered erotic. but to most Grotesque mockeries

The only things still in one piece is a Statue of a Rancor with Cyber implants. and the Sarcophagus which has been inexplicably untouched by the rest of the destruction of the place, as you see rubble around the Statue and the Sarcophagus where untouched.

the field is a darkside field, Ming Goes to Cyphen off the power into herself, her Dark Tutor, laughing in her ear with glee… woke up the Rancor, the group killed it, Ming opened the sarcophagi to find, Three bodies, they got her and themselves out, before it caved in on itself.

the group then started to argue with ming, Ellistrae saying she can not come on her ship.

they eventually met up with the Scout, finding him shell shocked, they eventually got him, Ming took herself and the Scout/spy back, then stole the Spys ship. the group eventually met back up on Tython, talking about Ming to some of the masters.

Chiss Assendency

New Information for Bill:

Thrawn gave you a bit more information, a few things in your day there were 9 ruling houses, but at this point in time that has been trimmed down to 4 ruling families, with your family still being one of the 4 left in command, the other five still exsist but they no longer factor into the grand scheme of things.

The head of your house is Mitth’swe’nuruodo, “Swenuru” a female, once the head of the military itself, now head of the house.
The group Decided to contact the woman on Tatoeen, she told you there should be a device on the bastion, the group then went back to the base, Climber got the parts, and Echo got a repulse lift installed,

The group then started to talk about going into Chiss space. Figuring out the best way of doing it,
Important Chiss

Admiral Hess’irolia’nuruodo “Irolia” (Female) Head of the Fleet Stationed around the Bastion
Captain: Mitth’Zilvad"nuruodo (Male) Captain of the First Ship you encounter once you arrive in chiss Space

Once you arrive in Chiss space you are quickly surrounded by a bunch Chiss Claw Craft, and are quickly contacted buy the captain Zilvad requesting information.. This is Captain Zilvad of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense fleet requesting unknown ships that just arrived in Chiss space announced

The captain then escorted the three ships to the Admirals ship, you are escorted to the Admiral, The next morning the group is woken up, and escorted back to the Admiral, who apologized. and told you that there was a ship ready and waiting, her ship will follow after.

When you land you are met by Personal House Guard, a week later, you are given permission. The information they were able to tell you about Modified Turbo lasers.. that the Admirals Ship’s will keep under control, The doors where made of a composite martial, and they gave you the codes to get in. they also got Echo plans for the Infinite Empires computer systems.

Session 10

the last bastion (Castle) is in the heart of the Chiss Ascendency, The planet is fiercely guarded by the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, under the umbrella of Mitth family’s holdings. the Mitth family is the 8th of the nine ruling families of the Chiss. The military arm of the 9 families.

The Base itself is under close observation of the Mitth family and is fiercely controlled and guarded, no one without express permission gets even close to the planet.

The bastion itself has its own security systems, I do not know if any of them are still active or not. There should be a few different Holocrons in the vaults underneath the Castle itself. (no maps of them), underneath the castle itself are rooms where the old rituals used to be performed. probably the perfect place to store and re-acquaint the Daemons with there body’s.

if the security systems are active, it will most likely be Droid guards, and some other creatures in Stasis that are designed to come out of it once the Security systems where activated. I can give you my codes, but i am pretty sure they will not turn off all of the alarms and security systems, you will probably have a bit of a fight. I am sorry I can no give you any other information on that one.

I also have the information for you about where at least one of the last two Daemons are interned it was the last thing we found out before I was killed in combat. Khorne the human amonxed them was burred on Mandalore, itself. where on the planet i do not know we never did figure that one out.
After the conversation is over, Climber gets a com chirp that he has a message with the generals com codes on it requesting you to contact him at your earliest convenience

Ahh good, Captain Climber, we where able to get some more information from the Journals and confirmation from the two prisoners you gained from us. we have the next location the Warlord and his abomination creatures, and the Rift creature will be set up, his next location will be on the Planet Korrabon, near a few ancient Ruins.

The general has a Spy on planet that was able to give more information, the location of Slaanesh’s Crypt, which is the location where the Warlord will be in about a week and a half.
The group over stressing the engines they made it to Korrabon, in 2 days less then a week. the group landed and covered the ships to hide them,
they then contacted Lamark and set up a meeting.

Lamark tells the group, that the warp creator is here already being fed by the Cave. there are also 2 sharpers. grew roots into the cave, and it has grown from 50meeters to about 150 meters in size….. Covering the Cave entrance.

The group throwing out ideas, Echo went up scouting, found that the rift creator, has is not all that armored,

The group then decided to attack the Rift Creator, attacked it repeatedly…. breaking into its heart… the Warlord Shaedo Shai Decided to make his way onto the battlefield, Climber took a shot with his rifle blowing the heart apart as all of the Chaos inside it exploded in a wave of color forcing Ming into a crack in the ground, causing Ellistrae, and Echo to fall on there ass.. The group then ganged up on Shaedo Shai and eventually Drusilia was able to take him out, and killed him.

During this whole time, the Planet was pushing Ming farther down the dark path, a Sith Tutor took a liking her, and started to whisper into her mind.

Everyone got a Major Milestone

Session 9

The Information that you can decipher from the book, goes into more detail about the four Chaos leaders.
Khorne (human)
The Blood God, the Skull Lord, the Master of Battle
Khorn was known to his followers as the god of murder, rage, and war… as his followers reveled in battle and blood and the gore of it, they gained the ability to fly into a murderous rage that enhanced there strength, and resilience.
Tzeentch (Kel Dor)
The Changer of Ways, The master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator, the architect of Fate
Tzzentch was known to his followers as the god of change, mutation, and sorcery … as his followers were great at modifying themselves and other creatures, they were able to weave the Force and create abominations, they were also the best at manipulating the force, they had a modicum of control of the Chaotic force
Slaanesh (Twi’lek)
The Pleasure Lord, the Prince of Pleasure, the Despoiler
Slaanesh was known to his followers as the god of hedonism, temptation and excess…. As his followers were known for their excesses, they were known to have no pleasure thresholds, each debauchery more perverse then the last.
Nurgle (Hutt)
The Lord of Pestilence, the Great Corruptor, the Master of Plague, the Fly Lord
Nurgle was known to his followers as the god of decay, disease and entropy. Wherever his followers went pestilence, death and decay followed in their wake, empires fell, cities fell to ruin, yet people keep flocking to his banner.

There is also information on the different types of deals that could be made, with the Daemons for a portion of their power and its costs.

The book also talks of the Inquisition who fought the corruption and there influence, an order called the Inquisition, apparently an order the comprised of two orders the Inquisitors, and the Mandalorian’s, it talks of great battles, and great victories, and even of losses.

It also mentions the last bastion of defense of this Inquisition that is placed exactly where the castle you found out was.

It also gives basic details on how to possibly bind and once bound destroy the four leaders. It mentions them but does not give much more information than the basics; the three are Force Bind, shackle and stasis.

It also mentions that you need to also find the four leaders burial sites (and retain pendants for each one… and use the three powers in succession (does not give full details on, what order)…. Then once the four essences are bound to the crystals, they will then be vulnerable. You also needed to have the remains of the four Daemons with their Pendants attached.

It also has a map and location of two of the four crypts both of the known Crypts look identical and the person who wrote the book made the assumption that all four Crypts have the same basic designs.
First is Tzeentch’s Crypt, who was apparently buried on his home planet of Tatooine, under what is assumed to be his primary temple, under the Ritual Alter

The second of the two is Slaanesh’s Crypt, which is apparently buried on Korriban within a cave, the home of a dead creature. They are not sure exactly where in the cave it is, it might be the cave itself or underneath it…

There is also information on the Mandalorians
It goes into detail on its leader Mandalor, that the Mandalorians were honorable warriors,
And the location and a bit of information in their home planet

Mandalore was located in the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim Territories, near the Hydian Way trade route,4 where it occupied the fifth orbit of the Mandalore sector’s cognominal Mandalore system, between the orbits of Kalevala and Mandallia. It sat at the end of the hyperspace lane known as the Mandalorian Road, an ancient route that connected Mandalore with the planet Corsin in the Inner Rim.
It also mentions

Rumors that Khorn might be buried on one of the old Mandalorian planets as he was originally a member of their order (or so the rumor states)

It mentions that no one has any idea where Nurgle is buried, they have been looking but no luck as of yet.

the book also has floor plans of different locations,

First is a Crypt, the caption for this one is there are four designed identically

The Second you find is that of a cave, with Giant bones of some dead creature in it…
(Large Map Handout)

The Third is a set which co-inside with a Castle

and one that is only referd to as the Observatory
In the Crypt you all see (the map) on the wall you have the Genestealers in some sort of stasis and what looks like a Hive Tyrant standing in-front of the main Sarcophagi.
The group started to talk about going to the Airless world of Iocanthus, they have no idea were it is located. The group heads back to Tatooine,

Once back on Tatooine Echo purchase himself a junker Wheel bike,
the group heads back to the cave on Tatooine, Ming uses Telekenesis on the door, the group enters back into the ritual room, they found the hinges on the lid of the altar, Ellistrae cut them while the Climber with a little help removed it, the group starts to climb down,

Inside the Crypt the group found multiple Genestealers, and two Hive Tyrants, they set two Thermal Detonators, at two of the alcoves… the Detonators went off killing four of the Genestealers, while the rest attacked the group, Hive Tyrant, and Two Genestealers, attacked Ming Doing a major damage forcing Ming to run, the room that were closed, finding bodies (food)

the group opened the sarcophagi and found a female Twi’lek, found her on her own repusler lift, they moved her onto Climbers ship, The group sens her and find out that the consciousness is else where, they contact the Jedi and are taking the body to Tython,

they were met by Mara and Corran and moved the body into the Vault of Rajavari,

talking to the Noetacons, they said that the planet is in the middle of the Chiss Ascendance, .

Everyone Gets a Significant Milestone, last week everyone got a Minor Milestone

Session 8

Minor revision to last week, Before Climber walked down the steps he noticed five darkened alcoves, upon looking at them four of them have busts, one of the Twi’lek, one of a Human, one of a Kel Dor, and a Hutt.

Those that are looking at the Alcove Investigate check (5 to notice a hidden panel that opens a secret door. Inside gives you another hallway that compared to all the others is a drab cobweb filled hallway that opens up into a larger room., this room has all different implements of Torcher, (you have just entered the Flayed image room).

Wrexial takes the ritual knife and book,

Minor revision to last week, Before Climber walked down the steps he noticed five darkened alcoves, upon looking at them four of them have busts, one of the Twi’lek, one of a Human, one of a Kel Dor, and a Hutt.

If the group looks at the Alter they notice (5), they notice the Alter slides to find a ladder and an opening to small for someone wearing powered armor to go down. the passage way down is unlit, but if they drop lights down they notice it goes down about 328 feet, to solid rock, it is a burial chamber, with beautifully wrought sarcophagus’s each inlaid with Crystals of all colors and shapes. (not lightsaber crystals).

Those that are looking at the Alcove Investigate check (5 to notice a hidden panel that opens a secret door. Inside gives you another hallway that compared to all the others is a drab cobweb filled hallway that opens up into a larger room., this room has all different implements of Torcher, (you have just entered the Flayed image room).

I need Both Drusilia and Ellistrae to give me Notice checks (5), to notice that the Shells of these things look like they are made out of Mandalorian steel

You also notice in each corner of the room 4 Battle Golems (Large Droids), Each droid has Crystals for Eyes, and very large frames, in one hand is a Shield in the other a Cylinder that has a strange resemblance to a lightsaber hilt. (a Lightsabers half armor ability wont wok on these guys)

Ming seriously called on the darkside to throw two Driods into eachother

the group eventually defeated the droids,

Ellistrae examed the lightsabers, through the force to find them normal, she then opened one up to find, two crystals + the color crystals.
Drusilia examines the armor, and find it exactly mando armor, and they took enough to make armor with it once they find someone to use it.
the group then was able to open the door and get out.
The group then went back to the ships, and started to talk about what to do about the book itself. Ming knows of a location called Kavar an old Mon Cal world, that is now a Swamp world.
The group then started to talk about what to do about the books and Astrid, decided to talk to her about it.

Session 7

you guys walk into the Temple on Tython, and the minute you enter the force leads you directly to the council chambers. The minute you enter the chambers you notice a few differences and many similarities, the circular table with its chairs are identical to the way you remember it but behind the the table, you see two statues, one of Satele Shan and the other of a Flesh raider. you also notice that both statues have votive style candles at there feet. You move beyond the tables and head towards Satele’s statue, the minute you get close you notice a shimmering effect exiting the Statue.

Once the Shimmering effect exits the statue you are face to face with what you are sure is a Force Ghost of Satele shan. Who looks disappointed at the Flesh Raiders with you, then tells them that she will talk to them later, and requested them to leave the room.

Then she looks at the rest of the group, and smiles at both Ellistrae and Drusilia, I am happy to see both of you as I feared the worst, but unless i am mistaken this is not the time for a reunion as you have more important things to do. then she looks back at everyone else, I wish to welcome you all back to our homeland, the birthplace of the Jedi, I will have words with the Fleshraiders and the Pilgrims later about this but I will say this is as much your home as it is theirs.

on that note I have enlarged the effect of the shield to cover your ship, you also may let any and all of our kind know they can come here and live safe lives, so you no longer have to keep running.

Now onto matters at hand so Ellistrae and Drusilia and there group can get back to saving the galaxy, I do have some information to impart to you that I am sure you will want.

FIrst things first, yes you are correct that these rifts that have been popping up are most definitely not natural but they are part of the force. they are neither light or dark, and no they are not grey either. it does not have a proper name, it is the melding of the two, it is chaotic, and once you go down that path there is NO going back, as there is with the darkside.

So i guess for a lack of a better name i will call it Chaos, from the little we know which unfortunately is not much, as the ancient Jeedi as a consensus wiped out any and all records, and followers of that brand of the force.

anyone that decides to follow the path of the chaotic force will eventually be completely subsumed and taken over by it. nothing will be left of them but a mutated husk, a vessel to host a piece of the Force, and nearly unstoppable.

Force Users are the most susceptible to its overtures, but those that are not force sensitive are also susceptible beyond that I do not know.. I wont deny there might be more information out there, neither the force nore I know anything else.. all i do know is that you are needed elsewhere. and I have a job to do.

May the Force Be with you all, and good luck..

Greetings all, welcome back, I hope your business with the Jedi was fruitful and successful.

ok, well since you have been gone, we were contacted by one Rainer, he said he knew you guys, so the higher ups send his correspondence up to me,. first off he told us to thank you for the help, and that you dealt the secret police and the current regime a blow, also that since your attack there have been no more rift issues.

another thing, we have been able to translate some of the information you were able to acquire for us.

First off you got your hands on the personal journal of the Warlord Sheado Shai, who apparently was the name of the Vong you tangled with at the base. he is a member of a sect of the Yuuzon Vong that’s ultimate goal is to acquire the force, with any means necessary, and make sure they are the only ones that have it.

you also got us a list of resources, not names tho, not sure if this is a full or partial list, but even from this, it is staggering the kind of backing he has. there are also a number of apparent communiques to the Supreme Overlord. these were not antagonistic, these were apparently giving him an update on what he was up to and the status of his tests,

ok, next we have been able to translate the plans for the machine, it is as we figured it is organic in nature. it is most definitely alive and apparently infused with what the Warlord has written here called the Chaotic Force.. whatever that means.

we have a few videos of it in action. the First video shows the thing pulsing and writing then a green glow as it shoots a green line into the sky.
The second video that he warns the group is very graphic shows a bunch of eye open up on it and a mouth of what looks like razor sharp teeth dripping with green viscus fluid, as they march about four what are most definitely prisoners into, the area as a bunch of what look like vines shoot out and envelope the struggling creature as it brings it towards the awaiting mouth, as it devourers the victim you see the machine like creature pulse green and get larger. (while this is going on there is a voice over in Vong)

there is also a mention of some esoteric drawings, and freezes.. some crude some very detailed, he also mentions a voice in his head offering him everything. he also mentions that the room itself felt like it was undulating and twisting, and when he left he saw the world in a completely different light.. nothing beyond that was mentioned.
Wrexial had a contact, Astrid Skane, a human female looks like a Salem witch hunter, with a respirator, set up a meeting on Tatooine, then Wrexial negotiated a contract.

The group then went to Tatooine, She mentioned Daemons being part of an ancient force tradition. The daemons are the originators of the chaos force tradition. They are a powerful force ghosts that can effect the real world. The group asked about the viod creator, then they asked about anyone else who was asking about the same information and she said a darkside devotee, with a scared face.

She gives the group how to kill the Void creator, and you need to kill its heart, as it has poisoned spines. with three types of poison, damaging, Paralytic and Psychotropic. she gave the information on the four ancient Chaos leaders of the force tradition, that you have to willingly accept chaos into you, you cannot accidentally accept it

The group hired Astrid to get the darsider to meet them..

then they asked her about the locations, one a castle on a dead world with no atmosphere but gravity, but is a perfect castle with no pitting or scaring
a Cave on Tatooine, and a cave on Korriban

you arrive at the cave, the plants are larger and more vibrant then the normal ones and they snap at you. as you enter the cave, you come upon a room full of fresco and writings, they record it, before they come apron three doors made of bone, Drusilia sensed chaos from behind all three doors, then Wrexial pushes on the door and jumps back.

Ming, used Telekinesis at the skull door and opening it.. the group sees an inky blackness in the doorway that light can no penetrate, echo looks inside it and sees shelves but not what is on it.

Drusilia remembers a darkside darkness, Ming and the rest of the jedi fought the darkness, the group entered the room and saw rows of skulls with lightsaber crystals in there eye sockets, Wrexial threw a rock at the skulls and it went back at him, then Drusilia decided to touch the skull with her lightsaber and got mentally attacked along with a corrupted lightsaber.. the group moved towards the back of the room, the group saw a book under transparasteal, the book itself is written on humanoid skin, they see two statues both with dual lightsabers, manipulating the lightsabers, removed the roof of the case, as Climber reached into the case and retrieved the book itself., the whole group got out of the room before the door closed.

the door closes behind you, and you start to hear a wailing. the group left the cave and headed back to there ships, and talked about unlocking the book, but the jedi felt it would be a bad idea to open it here as they needed a room designed to suppress the force.

that evening Drusilia meditated and in the morning removed the Chaos from her lightsaber.

that day the group decided to go back to the cave the next day, Ming attempts to open the Ritual Tourcher room, stained glass panels depicting different rituals , with bright sunlight after about 20-30 feet, Climber walks into the room and sees depictions of the symbols, after the thirty feet, the room is no longer to bright, the room is about the size of kellys room, the group eventually gets to a turn in the hallway. every time they try to move back the group eventually entered a large room with pews going up about 150-200 feet, climber walks up 75 feet to get a better view, as he walked up it looks impossibly steep, looking around you found the 4 cymbols of the 4 leaders, with sunlight focusing on the alter, the alter has a set of humanoid bones looking like they were polished with a knife and book next to it. on the seats there were prayer books each with its own separate lock.

Session 6

a few minutes after the fight is over, Sansa Starts to gain consciousness, (Still has a moderate consequence of brain trauma), looking around her eyes a bit unclear, and sounding a bit groggy.. asking the group, OK, what just happened?. all i remember is human wailing and these strangest dreams, closer to nightmares tho.

ok, once we get out of this tunnel we will be in the research wing of the base, we will have to go over a hallway to get into the other tunnel to get into Administration, as she says that you all hear a blood curdling scream coming from the hallway in front of you. it sounds like someone is getting tortured,

Show Me a Hero and I’ll Write You a Tragedy. (Calling in on Ellistrae) for Ellistrae to want to investigate.

as you guys enter the hallway you hear the scream yet again, you follow the screams to a closed and locked door.

Inside you find a large room, with double doors and second room enclosed in glass for easy viewing, outside you see you individuals looking at computer screens with medical images. brain scans etc…. the two individuals are engrossed in what is going on the screens and joking and making bets on what is going on beyond the glass, they don’t notice you enter.

Inside you see a red skinned human, strapped to a chair, with a strange creature attached to her neck. and another human standing over her, obviously asking questions, using another living organism causing the red skinned female serious discomfort and pain. on a table near the two individuals is a set of unusual looking armor and sitting on top of it is a cylindrical tube (lightsaber)…

After helping out Drusillia,

you all make your way through the second tunnel, and make your way towards the Administration wing, which has a total of three people in it the rest are nowhere to be found.

as you all enter the location, Sansa quickly makes her way to her station to get the information, she finds out that everyone is locked in the Northern Spoke, and that she can now open and closed the doors to the place. she also knows that the Bothan (no name in the system) is being held in Interrogation wing. she has his exact cell number and should be able to get you there without much of a fuss.

you find the Bothan a bit the worse for wear sitting in a standard cell, looking a little groggy and you notice his eyes are not tracking properly… (obviously drugged),

another interesting thing you notice is that you see no one around. no guards. nothing…

The group ended up fighting against the Vong, defeated the vong and the Human guards. The based commander a vong got a way after the door was blown in and left on a coral ship while Drusilia left, the group got the information

Natasha was asked to say in her cabin and she has, the bothan gives the information, especially the one about the fact that the Rifts are not natural, but vong made. and he talked about Spires that he got the plans for, and thinks they are what created the rifts, he also think they removed the one from the system the group was just in.

they went back to the base, and talked with the General, putting the vong under guard,

everyone minus ming, went to the see the Jedi. they go in to see the Jedi council. they introduced everyone, and Natasha. to the Jedi Masters who accepted her into the order and as a Padawan to Ellistrae.

they gave the Jedi the information to get to Tython. and gave them the information.

then took them to the Surface of Tython, they find the Temple being pristine, the Ruins grown over, and the Pilgrims, it has grown, and is a combined with the Twilecs and Flesh Raiders. telling the group they can not enter. talking with them, then Drusilia they talked to her and about the Jedi as if they were gods. Playing up the god angle, Drusilia was able to get them into the temple.

Session 5

The group checked each other for listening devices. and found absolutely none. Yalu told the group he will be leaving in 20 minutes, they wanted to move the ships farther into the desert. Jac used the force to follow Yalu, Jac was watching Yalu get ready to head out.. Yalu noticed and jac tried to get onto Yalus ship and slid off. Yalu was acting like a jerk, to the group, the group had gotten enough, and decided to track him, Jac put a tracker on him and they went back to the ships and they followed it, until it disappeared at a rocky outcropping. the group started to examine it. finding some odd things about it. as they are trying to find a way in, the vehicle, both Climber and Ellistrae stood in front of the vehicle… they all met, an attractive young woman,
7502907_orig.jpg who introduced herself as Sansa Lanister. Ellistrae senses the force in her, and senses that she is fairly powerful in the force, unaligned and untrained. Ellistrae showed her the force and told her specifically. The group entered Ellistraes ship, The group talked with

I am his contact inside Blackthorn base, the main base for the Secret Police, I have been told you wanted a meeting, may i inquire as to what you wish of me?

the layout of the base is as follows, the buildings are between 2-6 floors mostly on the surface but a few buildings go under ground. the Southern spoke is about 2 floors taken up administration, which is were I work, we take all the com-calls and trans for them to the proper locations, we also do intake of all new prisoners, acquisitions as-well as all paperwork

the northern spoke is taken up by the Barracks, Armory, and Cafeteria and motor pool

the western spoke is research and development, as well as storage for large items that were deemed interesting or necessary for any specific investigation. it is also the largest of the buildings.

The Eastern Spoke is taken up by Interrogation as-well as the Commanders offices with is personal staff: the Current commander Garry Galley

Most likely your Bothan friend Tav Kan’kre is in the Eastern spoke, interrogation wing.

I should be able to get you in, looking at Ellistrae, as long as you hide your features you should be fine, as Arrakis is a Desert world, people coming back in wearing destert style outfits covering the whole body is not uncommon.

the biggest two problems are going to be the furry one looking at Wrexial, and the Driod looking at Echo.

the bigger of the two is the Driod, a little background is in order here. every since Commander Galley took over about two years ago, he made a few policy changes one of which was to scrap all of our droids, he apparently sees droids as a security risk. so bringing an active droid that is not in multiple peaces for any reason is problematic.

The outer security is comprised of Sensors, Automatic Turrets, both ground and Air,

The group went with the plan to have Sansa drive them into the building, when they notices a bunch of guys that looked out of the ordinary

the group then defeated the mobs and started to move down the hallway they had other fights but nothing major, they continued to move down the hallway and they heard keening and wailing.. Sansa is down on the ground, Bleeding out the ears and throwing up blood…

the the group got into a fight with two Vong handlers and 6 Xenomorphs. defeated them.


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